At MacEwen, it's more than just about fuel. We deliver reliable, on-time and competitive fuel services. Always. Our commercial fuel services provides customers in Ontario and Quebec with competitive pricing.  MacEwen goes the extra mile to ensure unmatched service for you and your business.

It's Our Business

Securing fuel supply, attending to its distribution, and managing your unique fuel needs is our business. At MacEwen, we make our knowledge, experience and expertise available to meet your commercial fuel needs.

It's Your Business

MacEwen directly serves farmers, the transportation industry, heavy equipment companies, commercial businesses, retail gasoline outlets, and other fuel supply companies in Ontario and Quebec. We also provide propane to farms, restaurants, warehouses and many other types of business.  Please contact us to learn about how your company can benefit!

pic_commercial_2.jpgFlexible Delivery

MacEwen has the equipment and the flexibility to get you the fuel products you need when you need them. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

If you're looking for a fuel service provider in Ontario and Quebec for your commercial business, consider building a relationship with MacEwen. Contact Us to find out more about MacEwen services.